Tony Franklin

Tony franklin is a commercial film director who takes real, everyday moments, and elevates them to a cinematic register for brands such as bmw, gatorade, and  evernote. 

My work for Tony has revolved around helping him tell his story and communicate his vision through words. Whether I'm putting together his monthly newsletter, crafting copy for film treatments, or designing unique press kits for potential clients, I have been honored to assist him with all manner of copy assignments that communicate his bold and beautiful visual style to others. 


press kits and other marketing collateral

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I frequently work with Tony on his monthly email newsletters, which he uses to update his clients, partners, and colleagues on his recent projects while keeping them posted on forthcoming work and other bits of promotional news. As these newsletters are one of the main ways that Tony markets his work, I am honored to help him craft something quick, compelling, and captivating enough to drive more business. 

Press kits & other marketing collateral 

I often work with Tony to develop special sell sheets, presentations, press kits, and other forms of creative collateral that he uses to grow his business, introduce himself to new clients, and win new work.