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Western Daughter is my blog about wellbeing. When my father was sick, I needed a creative outlet and something that was actually within my control to lose myself in. What started as a small tumblr blog that I curated during long nights at the UofM library has now grown to a lifestyle blog about self-preservation, wellness, design, and what it means to craft a life of meaning and love.  



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Currently I am working on a book about my father. It is part memoir, part self-help guide, part feeling-good workbook. When I lost my dad as a Sophomore in college, it altered the course of my life. I was broken, and had to learn how to put myself back together. Along the way I made some good decisions, a lot of bad ones, and discovered that the inner strength and compassion that exists within each of us is enough to move mountains. It is my hope that my book will offer encouraging words and kind counsel to others who have walked through the valley of grief. 

Freelance Writing Assignments

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I love to write, and I will write for you if you have assignments and work that needs to be completed! Projects include website pages, email newsletters, social copy, white papers, training documents, blog posts, catalog copy, and editorial content. Get in touch via the contact form on my website, or shoot me a note at to get started. 


Wellness Workbook


Feeling good is an inside job. And sometimes we could all use a little help. Wether it's with our nutrition, exercise, spending,mindfulness, closest relationships, or our personal goals, I find that if you don't track it, you don't manage it. My Wellness Workbook is part journal, part planner, part accountability partner, and it is intended to be an accompaniment to my book. Wether your struggling with your own grief or just hoping to live a more productive life that is in closer line with your true values, I know my workbook can help you live your best life in small ways every day. 


for me & me alone 

My journaling practice is a huge part of my daily routine. For my own well-being, happiness, and growth, I relish my personal reflection and writing practice. 








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Looking for someone who can help you unearth your own story? Drop me a line. I'd love to hear how I can help.