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Western Daughter is my blog about wellbeing. When my father was sick, I needed a creative outlet and something that was actually within my control to lose myself in. What started as a small tumblr blog that I curated during long nights at the UofM library has now grown to a lifestyle blog about self-preservation, wellness, design, and what it means to craft a life of meaning and love.  



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Currently I am working on my first manuscript. Part memoir and part self-help manual, the book is about losing my father as a college student to colon cancer, and how his life and death irrevocably altered the course of my life. After losing my father, my grief journey led to a major depressive episode. What brought me out of this space marked by anxiety, sadness, and confusion were books, (many of which my father had recommended to me before he died) podcasts, my self-compassion practice, meditation, running, and many mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques as well as a tenacious daily journaling practice and the support of loving friends and family members. (Along with tons of time.)

My story is not unique. So many young people experience major loss early in life. And even if it is not a close family member or parent that you lose, it could be the loss of a friend, a home, a major relationship, and all of the other failures, disappointments, tragedies, and traumas, both big and small - that make up our early adult lives.

After doing so much research on “feeling good” techniques and practicing daily strategies to help me through my sadness and anxiety, I realized that I had amassed a wealth of knowledge around the subject, and knew of quite a few practices, techniques, and habits that helped me through my depressive episode without medication. I knew that I wanted to begin sharing all of the knowledge around self-care and emotional well-being with young people. So many times during my grief journey I wished that there had been a grief handbook written for people in their twenties that I could reach for and relate to.

I am currently writing my book and plan on self-publishing within the coming year. It is my hope that this memoir and manual will offer encouraging words, kind council, and everyday tactics and strategies to help young people manage their emotional vitality and mental health.

Freelance Writing Assignments

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I love to write, and I will write for you if you have assignments and work that needs to be completed! Projects include website pages, email newsletters, social copy, white papers, training documents, blog posts, catalog copy, and editorial content. Get in touch via the contact form on my website, or shoot me a note at to get started. 


Wellness Workbook


Feeling good is an inside job. And sometimes we could all use a little help. Wether it's with our nutrition, exercise, spending,mindfulness, closest relationships, or our personal goals, I find that if you don't track it, you don't manage it. My Wellness Workbook is part journal, part planner, part accountability partner, and it is intended to be an accompaniment to my book. Wether your struggling with your own grief or just hoping to live a more productive life that is in closer line with your true values, I know my workbook can help you live your best life in small ways every day. 


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My journaling practice is a huge part of my daily routine. For my own well-being, happiness, and growth, I relish my personal reflection and writing practice. 








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