I've been a runner since high school, when I left behind our soccer team for the solo (and mental) sport of cross country running. I've been hooked ever since that first race. There's nothing like a run around the lakes or creeks to get my body, mind, and spirit in tune with each other. 



Who would ever guess that sitting with one's eyes closed and diving within could be so transformative? I grew up with my father reading Buddhist texts, teaching me some of his mantras, listening to dharma talks, and receiving blessings at bedtime. I had always dabbled in buddhist teachings but it wasn't until much later that I began to discover the transformative power of meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. I am now dedicated to my own practice and am passionate about studying on my own. 



I initially began practicing yoga as a way to restore or prepare my body for long runs. Now I see my yoga practice as a distinct aspect of my mental and spiritual well-being that keeps my heart open, my mind strong, and my body limber. I love discovering new studios, classes, and workshops that challenge and inspire me. Currently I practice at Common Ground Meditation Center and at One-Yoga.





"You can't stop the waves.
But you can learn to surf."


In the 'Buddha's Little Instruction Book' Jack Kornfield writes; 
"In the end, three things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live?
And how deeply did you let go?"

My meditation practice, my runs, and my personal writing keep me grounded, focused, centered, and accountable to loving well, living fully, and letting go deeply. For more wellness and writing tips, be sure to follow my blog Western Daughter.