Evereve is a national clothing chain that specializes in marketing to stylish young mothers. 

As their social media specialist, I was responsible for:

+ copywriting posts for their social media channels.
+ art directing and styling product shots for social media content.
+ building relationships with influencers and bloggers.
+managing a robust affiliate marketing program.
+ developing unique strategies and guidelines for each social media channel and implementing workflows and best practices.

photo styling and art direction

As social media specialist, I was responsible for art directing and photo styling the unique content that was published to our social media channels. This included creating shot lists and strategies for how we would shoot and showcase product on social media in addition to art directing the shoots themselves. Finally, I also curated content from our weekly and monthly lifestyle shoots as well as from our blogger and influencer partners to create a look and feel that was warm, relatable, and on-trend. 

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copywriting for social media

In addition to art directing and styling the content that was shared on our social media channels, I was also responsible for writing all of the copy that accompanied our posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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blogger and influencer partnerships 

From my experience with blogging and online relationship-building, I assisted Evereve with growing their influencer and affiliate marketing programs, supplying influential and vibrant mothers with our clothing to share on their social media channels and blogs. 


For Evereve, I built strategies and systems to drive their social media marketing. This meant devising platform-specific strategies and guidelines, (including a special approach for Pinterest), while also devising plans for paid media such as Facebook and Instagram ads. Among other projects, I also put together a special 12-month paid media promotion plan for the over 20 new retail locations opening in 2017. In addition to paid social advertising, the plan also accounted for influencer outreach, local PR promotion, and in-store events with regional tastemakers.