Libby Huber

Writer + Blogger + Social Content


A writer inspired by wellness and always in beta. 



I communicate with clarity and verve. From my design school background, I possess the unique ability to bring an art director's eye to my projects.Talents include being able to inhabit any brand voice on command, knowing my way around InDesign like the back of my hand, and proofreading with a fanatical eye for detail.


I blog to inspire your audience through beautiful images and written features. Here I work to embolden their spirits, enrich their life, and create a sense of community. I bring an editorial lens to everything I do, and in so doing what we wind up building is an essential branded content hub that complements your marketing strategy. 

Social photography

Before we read words, we see pictures. I have a deep understanding of social platforms, and I know what it takes to create visual content that inspires audiences on all of them. I'll help you clarify your aesthetic, draft up your social strategy, and create images that turn a captivated audience into conversions. 



I am a writer inspired by wellbeing and always in beta.
I am moved by that which has the power to make us better versions of ourselves, and I work on projects that share this knowledge with others.  
From the emotional, to the spiritual, to the physical, I feel that my life’s work is to help others master and heal themselves through words and stories.



Showing up every day for myself on the mat or on the trail is a key aspect of who I am as a writer and creative. As a long-time runner, sweat sessions are also spiritual sessions where with a good work-out for my body I take care of some important internal work at the same time.
Whether it’s hiking with my friends, going through a flow, running hills, or biking along the lakes, I love taking this time to connect with nature, clear my head, and become one with the stillness inside.  



I approach photography the same way I approach everything else in life: with a beginner’s mind, achingly high standards, and a desire to bring my vision to life as authentically as possible. I am resourceful, bold, and creative. I’m not intimidated by equipment, nor do I need it to create great work. Case in point: my first “camera” was an iPod Touch (didn’t have a smart phone at that point),and nearly all of the photos featured on this site were taken with a cellphone.


From meditating to journaling, from writing to running, from hiking to hitting publish on that post, my life is about writing down things of worth, taking photos of that which moves me, and finding meaning in movement. 


Let's Start Your Adventure

Wether you're looking for someone to help you with your social media, your website copy, or your corporate blog, I'd love to learn more about your project. Drop me a note below. I'd love to see how I can help.